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All The Small Things Printing is a small, but growing 3D printing shop. Providing quality items at an affordable price and customer satisfaction is what we strive for. All items are inspected after printing and reprinted if there are any unacceptable prints. All feedback is encouraged, we are unable to improve our products with it. If for any reason your product is not the quality you expected, please reach out to us so we can make it right for you.

What is 3D Printing?

An FDM printer uses a thermoplastic polymer in a filament form to create three-dimensional objects. 


In an FDM printer, the filament is pushed into the hot extruder. The filament is heated first and then deposited, through the nozzle, onto a build platform in a layer-by-layer process to form the complete object. 

3D printing is different than mold injection. FDM prints are compiled layer by layer, causing "layer lines". Due to the nature of 3D printing there will be tiny imperfections, but nothing will be sent out that we would not have in our own collections.

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